Honda S2000: PH Buying Guide
Fast, characterful and affordable S2000 is the MX-5 for grown-ups - here's how to bag a good'n!
Jaguar XJR: Spotted
The one thing missing from a real driver's Jag found in a 20 year-old XJ
Future proof: PH Blog
What current cars will you be shopping for as a used buy a few years down the line?
Megane 275 Trophy vs Leon Cupra 280
Enough about the 'ring already; PH pits Megane Trophy against Leon Cupra on UK soil
Akrapovic: PH2 Meets
Igor Akrapovic details the history of his company and tells us all how the name is pronounced
Mazda RX-7: PH Heroes
Having blogged about our love of 90s Jap performance cars we celebrate one of the greatest
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