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madtriumphman Tuesday 26th January 2010    
The missus wants an MGF. She is currently running a 1.0 Micra which does mega MPG so she is kind of used to not really visiting fuel stations very often! However she doesnt really do a lot of miles, 100 a week maximum.

I would just like to know what sort of MPG the MGF will do knocking around town and also on a run.

Jezza30 Tuesday 26th January 2010    

Loads - 90mph+ motorway run got 350 miles on £45. Good round town too. Can't imagine there are many more more economical cars out there...
S6 ROR Tuesday 26th January 2010    
Agree, very rarely drops below 40mpg, and thats a good cross section of driving.
madtriumphman Tuesday 26th January 2010    
Thats good news then, I'll buy her one!

jamie g Friday 29th January 2010    
my 51 plate 1.8 does about 30mpg around town and about 40mpg on a steady run.
Wicker Man Sunday 31st January 2010    
Averages over 40mpg. Up to 450 miles on a tank. Most economical car we've had!
MGJohn Monday 1st February 2010    
The 1.8 K-series in all it's forms can be remarkably economical. My wife gets low 40mpgs in our MG ZS 120 on a run and even leadfoot me gets mid 30s.

The family bought a new 1.1 Rover Metro back in 1993 and passed it onto my son some ten years later. He used it for his job and travels quite a lot. More recently, he transplanted a 1.8 VVC K-Series engine into it and was surprised to find that the car is even more economical than when it had the little unburstable 1.1 K. We assume that the bigger engine is far less stressed than the 1.1 at any given road speed so uses less fuel than the smaller engine working near or at its peak most of the time.