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Chicane-UK Sunday 24th October 2010    
Haven't had much love for many Vauxhalls in the last few years I have to say, and models such as the Insignia (I liked to refer to it as the Insignifica) did nothing to further my feelings about where they were going.

But I have to say, was taking a walk into town earlier today and saw an Insignia VXR parked up and it was handsome and purposeful enough that it made me stop in my tracks and have a good look at it. I could tell it was a version of the Insignia but couldn't quite bring myself to believe it... very nice looking car, and had some fairly serious sized Brembo stoppers at front suggesting it must pack a reasonable powerplant. Off to go do some research on them now! smile
volvoforlife Sunday 24th October 2010    
Doesn't it have exactly the same powerplant as the previous Vectra VXR?
Chicane-UK Sunday 24th October 2010    
321BHP turbo V6 apparently and 4WD...!
M3_chaz Sunday 24th October 2010    
Not a bad car IMO. I drove one on track and it was a nice big car. I'd find it hard to recomend as a trackday toy but as a everyday road car it's got to be good news. I see they are nice and cheap now as well
DennisTheMenace Sunday 24th October 2010    
Saw one the other day coming off the m5 at taunton , went like a stabbed rat up the road ! looked pretty good imo.
danyeates Sunday 24th October 2010    
Is white the new new "in" colour for VXR's?

rottie102 Sunday 24th October 2010    
...or you could get a PROPER Vauxhall VXR wink

McSam Sunday 24th October 2010    
rottie102 said:
...or you could get a PROPER Vauxhall VXR wink
^ This, I couldn't justify spending that much money on a hot Vauxhall without it being a VXR8..

The Insignia is supposed to be (for the sector and the current market) a decent contender, if a bit dull and disconnected. A step below the Audi/BMW/Merc offerings, but only one step now. A lot better than the Vectra, by all accounts, and they do sound nice and hooligan-y, but I'll let a driver/owner carry on wink
Chicane-UK Sunday 24th October 2010    
danyeates said:
Is white the new new "in" colour for VXR's?

The one I saw was in white too...

So you can buy one of these packing 320BHP for virtually the same price as a Golf R. Hmm.... that'd be a tough one I have to say!
Chicane-UK Sunday 24th October 2010    
5,000 miles and one year old.. and 1/3 off RRP already!


That's some pretty hefty depreciation!
DAVEVO9 Sunday 24th October 2010    
Chicane-UK said:
321BHP turbo V6 apparently and 4WD...!
Came across one of these last week..

Met blue it was. Don't know if it was standard but I had to go some to pull away from it!

Didn't know they were 4WD though.
T0M Sunday 24th October 2010    
You can get them pre-reg with delivery mileage for £25k from a couple of VX dealers. That's with Nav, met paint, 20 inch rims, Half leather 'tombstone' recaro's.
boomboompow Sunday 24th October 2010    
In estate form for me please lick

Waugh-terfall Sunday 24th October 2010    
They sound pretty bloody fruity, look alright too...

Peter Tomalin runs an Arden Blue Estate on the EVO Fast Fleet, I'd look there first if in the market for a new Audi S4...
TotalControl Monday 25th October 2010    
How do these fair up against the Passat 4WD and cc 4WD then, as I imagine that's what it's competing against too?
Patrick Bateman Monday 25th October 2010    
Have to see they look rather nice, very impressed with the interiors of the Insignia as well.
frosted Monday 25th October 2010    
How much would you loose if you paid 30k for sporty insignia in err .... lets say 6 months ?

Waugh-terfall Monday 25th October 2010    
TotalControl said:
How do these fair up against the Passat 4WD and cc 4WD then, as I imagine that's what it's competing against too?
Actually, I'm surprised noone seems to have done an Insignia VXR vs Passat R36 group test...
Lakeland9 Monday 25th October 2010    
Looks good and spec is excellent.Trouble is the depreciation will be like driving it off a cliff. The 5000 miler for £20k above looks tempting though....
Chicane-UK Monday 25th October 2010    
I'm glad folks are sharing the love for these then, and that I'm not just going nuts! To be fair though they are only £5,000 cheaper than an Audi S4 when new though I suspect standard equipment on these would be significantly better than the Audi..

Nice RS4 style Recaro's, big Brembo brakes...

Think they look phenomenal in white as well. Not as keen on them in blue.