Monday 12th August 2013


20-odd years down the line this week's Carpooler loves his Quattro as much as ever

Name: Martin Hall
Car: Audi Quattro 1984 (WR model)
Owned since: 1992
Previously owned: Humber Sceptre, Ford Capri Mk1 2.0, Audi 100, Datsun 260Z, Porsche 911 2.2 Carrera

Martin's previous car history is pretty interesting!
Martin's previous car history is pretty interesting!
Why I bought it:
"It is one of the best looking cars ever produced - simple. I had always really liked the car through the late 80s (mainly due to the styling and the imagery of its rally dominance) but never thought it might be something I would ever afford. In comparison to today's prices, my Quattro bought new in 1984 was very similar to a three-bedroom terraced town house in Northampton. In 1990 I bought an Audi Coupe GT, the same platform which the Quattro was built on. I was so impressed with it that I decided to take the next leap and got the ur Quattro."

What I wish I'd known:
"I did very little research really, I just wanted it more than anything else so I got one that I liked, a bit on impulse really. I soon found out all the inherent pitfalls of the car, but as I like tinkering, fixing it as the bugs came out was just part of the ownership."

Quattro cost as much as a house in Northampton!
Quattro cost as much as a house in Northampton!
Things I love:
"Even though I have owned it for longer than I have had children or even known my wife, when I look at it I still smile in the knowledge its mine. Being 29 years old the car is still a joy to drive. The older I get the more I like it as a symbol of when the world was a simpler place. As my wife waves me off to work in the morning asking me to be home for tea on time I can jokingly say 'shut it you slag!', as only a true 80s throwback would. It also sounds like a real car should."

Things I hate:
"There's nothing to hate about it - it's awesome. Anything I didn't like has been changed or improved. From initial purchase I have done lots to it but since the first few years of ownership and all the repairs, rebuilds and overhauls there's been very little since, although I don't use it that often in order for it to go wrong to be fair."

'It sounds like a real car should' says Martin
'It sounds like a real car should' says Martin
"Agreed value insurance is £117 per year. It's quite thirsty, 20 to the gallon. Spares can be very difficult to source and they are getting harder to find, they're pretty expensive too in most cases. I have a large spares collection growing and I pick up a lot of parts from eBay. It's reliable but being at its age it needs a few minor things now and then."

Where I've been:
"Nowhere exciting, I've been to a couple of track days and it's not the easiest to drive on tarmac. I used to drive down to Cornwall every year but I have been planning a summer trip to the Alps in it one day soon.

What next?
"I have never considered selling it but am always looking out for something else. I would like a Mk1 Escort!"

Sourcing spares demands time and ingenuity
Sourcing spares demands time and ingenuity
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Author: Dan Trent